Erdogan Tan  [ 1998 ]

Erdogan Tan

Above photograph is taken in AKCISU, in 1979 (if i am not wrong). AKCISU (with "Very Clean Water" name meaning in English) natural beach which is one of the most clean natural beaches of Blacksea coast line of Turkey. It is at just behind of east ward of Muslu village. Only way to go down there (by car) is to walk from Tepekoy area (by leaving car at Tepekoy) between Muslu and Gobu. Or, by rowboat from Kazkoy or Gobu. There is a (very clean and cold) water spring at Akcisu. It is an ideal place for drinking and swimming. We had gone there for swimming and above photograph was taken by somebody (I don't remember who took this photo) via Ferudun's camera. [ from left to right: Aykut Deniz (1963-1995), Vedat Sahin (1964), Ferudun Akin (1965), Erdogan Tan (1964). Recently, Aykut is not alive; he died in 1995, in Kazkoy (Zonguldak). He was goalkeeper of Isikspor, Musluspor and Kazkoyspor. He died due to cancer in his waist. Vedat is living in Istanbul. Ferudun is living in Germany, Erdogan is living in Istanbul. ]