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  • Who am I ?Erdogan Tan - 1965

  • My name is Erdogan Tan. I was born in OF town of Trabzon province, in 1964. I lived in Zonguldak till 1990 and came to Istanbul in 1990. I am a mechanical engineer, graduated  from Karaelmas University in Zonguldak. I am living in Istanbul but still i have a house in Kazkoy/Muslu village of my country, Zonguldak province. In my youth times, I organised many football tournaments in Muslu. So, I am a famous one with those village (summer) football tournaments, there. (Also, these web pages a bit related with remainders of those tournaments and friendship in Muslu since 1970s.) By making these private pages, I have wanted to share and remember my memories with you. Thank you for your interest.

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