Index of Humor Anecdotes

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 bclock.html             CLOCKS IN HEAVEN (CLINTON'S CLOCK)
 laundry.html            LAUNDRY
 ffamily.html            FIRST FAMILY
 wasp.html               WASP
 dogshit.html            DOG SHIT
 george70.html           GEORGE'S PHYSICAL 
 rftree.html             REDNECK FAMILY TREE
 tattoo.html             THE TATTOO
 wife1p0.html            TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR WIFE 1.0
 bchili.html             BERT'S CHILI
 viruses.html            DANGEROUS COMPUTER VIRUSES
 dogbit.html             GET IN LINE!
 mayonez.html            LETTUCE & TOMATO
 bedrgolf.html           THE RULES OF BEDROOM GOLF
 gmorange.html           GRANDMA'S ORANGES
 twolboys.html           TWO LITTLE BOYS
 atr.html                AUTOMATIC TAMPON REMOVER 
 tos.html                WHY DOESN'T IT TASTE SWEET?
 sworg.html              TOP TEN THINGS MEN & WOMEN WOULD DO IT
 drunk.html              I CAN'T DO THAT, BECAUSE I'M DRUNK
 sinpark.html            HIS YOU-KNOW-WHAT WAS YOU-KNOW-WHERE
 hightech.html           HIGH TECH
 penguin.html            PENGUIN AND A SEAL
 grmloves.html           GRANDMA LOVES YOU
 grandpa.html            GRANDPA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
 traveler.html           GOODNIGHT CUTIE
 typewr.html             TYPEWRITER
 pissed.html             PISSED OFF
 bridge.html             THE GENIE AND THE BRIDGE
 mating.html             MATING 
 ladle.html              GRAVY LADLE
 jewelry.html            WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN DO YOU THAT?
 braintr.html            BRAIN TRANSPLANT

Erdogan Tan  [ 28 November 2003 ]