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Mediterranean Sea Coast line Tour (1999)


Driving to Antalya from Istanbul Avcilar at 12 am.
Arriving to Antalya Kemer, Asdem Park Hotel at 10 pm.


Kemer inside tour.


Visiting Olympos antique site. Swimming in Olympos beach.
Visiting Phaselis antique site.


Driving to Antalya.
Resting at Kaleiçi tea-garden & park. Taking of the Antalya Kaleiçi scene photos.
Visiting Duden & Kursunlu waterfalls.
Visiting Aspendos.
Manavgat waterfall sight-seeing.


Kemer inside tour. Visiting Yörük Park. Swimming at Kemer Beach


Kemer outside tour. Driving to Bey Mountains. Visiting Gedelme and other mountain villages.

Erdogan Tan in Antalya Kaleiçi [ 21/9/2000 ]
Antalya Kaleiçi [ 21/9/2000 ]

in Antalya Kaleiçi, September 2000

In these ANTALYA 2000 web pages of web site, you will be able to do a virtual tour by helping of the original photographs which were taken by Erdogan Tan during his second tour in Antalya region, in September 2000, from Manavgat to Ölüdeniz.

, Kellogg


Surrounded by amazing scenery of sharp contrasts, Antalya, Turkey's principal holiday resort, is an attractive city with shady palm-lined boulevards and a prize-winning marina. In the picturesque old of Kaleiçi, narrow, winding streets and old wooden houses abut the ancient city walls.

Antalya has been continously inhabited since its founding in 159 BC by Attalos II, a king of Pergamum, who named the city Attaleia after himself. The Romans, Byzantines and Seljuks successively occupied the city before it came under Ottoman rule.

The award-winning Antalya Kaleiçi Marina and Leisure Center is considered one of the loveliest marinas in Turkey with its many souvenir shops, friendly cafes and restaurants as well as yacht moorings and enjoy the restful peace of the marina in the afternoon. The old city walls, lit up at night, lend an atmosphere of serenity and timelessness.

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