ÜRETiM 417 Version 3.0 BETA uses SY-32 sort method

PRODUCTION 417 VB 5.0/6.0 Source Code (in Turkish) is available:

Please see following screen pictures (screenshots) of URTM417 versions.

Version 1.1 sample data files: urtm417v1_data.zip  (Recipe data not compatible with version 2.0 and 3.0, but main data file is partially compatible.)

Version 2.0 sample data files: urtm417v2_data.zip  (Main and recipe data files are partially compatible with version 3.0 data format/files.)

 URTM417 Version 3.0 NEW FEATURES:

* Different data startup option (different companies).

For example: if selected (startup) company name is "SINGLIX", main data file is "SINGLIX.DAT", recipe data file is "SINGLIX.REC".

* Single data file with working/company name & Export to, import from MS Excel.

 * Record/Input types: production, part, semi product, raw material, group, kit, resource, all/others.

Data details: product input/search menu, product list (MSFlexgrid), production and cost calculation tree/recipe, special list (ordinary part list), cost input/listing, recipe -formulated cost- listing, price generation coefficients, rebuild, excel export & import.

URTM417 Version 3.0 Data files:  (Random access type, record/structure based, data files)

.dat = general/common/main product data file   (company name specific or urtm417.dat) minimal compatible with v2.0

.abc =  general/common/main product data alphabetic (sy-32) index file (company name specific or urtm417.abc)

.rec = production tree/recipe file (company name specific or urtm417.rec) minimal compatible with v2.0

.lst = temporary data/list file for multi puposed data listing (company name specific or urtm417.lst)

.rct = temporary recipe output/list file for production tree/recipe input (company name specific or urtm417.rct)

.kdm = temporary recipe output format file for production tree/recipe output/list (company name specific or urtm417.kdm)

  • adres417.html   (Indexing metod reference of URTM417 program. Sy-32 indexing is complete original method by Erdogan Tan.)
What is URETIM 417 ?

Uretim 417 is a production cost calculating and pricing program for jobshops like compressor manufacturers (Automotive industry. Functionality of this program is usable for the companies which produce machines by order of customer). URETIM 417 was originally developed for calculating costs of screw compressors and related compressed air components. But the program never was in official use. Erdogan Tan (The developer) used this program as unofficially for listing contents (production tree) and costs of various screw compressor types with 18-20 pages -for about 200 items and their sub items- production component list. So, program was private for Erdogan Tan, always stayed as private till January 2004.

URETIM (üretim) is a Turkish word which means "Manufacturing, Production, Producting" in English.
417 was/is the sign (on books) of Erdogan Tan (The secondary school number of Erdogan Tan).

© All of copy rights of URETIM 417 program belong to Erdogan Tan, only.







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