You can go to Rize Ayder High Plateau by following Trabzon-Rize-Pazar coastline road, then Pazar-CamliHemsin-Ayder road. Ayder is the best high plateau and tracking place in the world. You can go up to Kackar Mountain from Ayder or go down to Ayder from Artvin-Borçka. (The best for tracking in the world.) The brook with 100% transparent water, cold weather under direct sunlight, looking down to clouds from mountains, etc. Ayder is the best of the world for tracking and plateau tourism. You can stay at the touristic pensions of the AYDER mountain village.

AYDER High Plateau - ÇAMLIHEMSHIN - Rize
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Rize - CamliHemsin - AYDER High Plateau (August 2004)


Of Rize Sumela Uzungöl

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The south of AYDER High Plateau (August 2004)
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