UZUNGOL Natural Park

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UZUNGÖL [ Çaykara ]
Uzungol Images by Songul Haziroglu
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Uzungöl is a plateau and lake also a little village which have touristic pensions and fish (trout) restaurants and a few little (resort type) hotels. Meaning of "Uzun-Göl" name is "long-lake" in Turkish.

This area also proper for natural scenery, climbing, tracking and botanic tourism. Uzungöl area is a valley with a clean brook which flows through the lake. The weather is cloudly and cool in Uzungol, usually.

Around of Uzungöl has dark forest specially contains several type pine and other mountain (high plateau) trees.

If you think to visit Uzungöl natural park, it is 38 km far from OF town of Trabzon province.

You can go to Uzungöl by following OF-Dernekpazari-Çaykara road, It is on just after Çaykara town. The road is  up to Uzungöl from OF. Altitute of Uzungöl region is more than 1000 meters from sea level.

You can stay at pensions or hotels in Uzungöl you can walk around, climb and also you can eat trout fish there. (Food is cheap and plentiful in the region.)

If you want to stay at the big and luxury hotels or you want to stay in city hotels, Trabzon-OF road distance is 45 kilometers, Rize-OF road distance is 25 kilometers. You can stay at Trabzon or Rize hotels. You can visit Uzungöl by a programmed tour or daily tour from Trabzon, OF or  Rize.

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