Warm Water Channel & Cave in Kazköy [ August 2002 ]

Büyükagiz (with meaning of "Large Mouth/Opening" in Turkish) is old name of Kazköy Coast.

Above image shows the west end of Kazköy Coast. The cave is open (to Blacksea) at the  behind of the hill.  The cave had been made  by English Constructor Company Metropolitan Vickers for using as Condensing Water Discharge Channel of Catalagzi Power Plant (in 1940s); but, it is never used. The west section of Kazköy is called as "Köprübasi" (with meaning of "Bridge-End") because of the Road bridge on the KaraDere ("BlackBrook" carries coal powders, comes from Catalagzi and reaches to Blacksea at the same point with the Channel).

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View to Catalagzi B Power Plant from Kazköy Coast East End of Kazköy CoastView to West (Köprübasi Ward) of Kazköy from the South
 © Erdogan Tan

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