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View to Sumela Monastery (August 2004)Far view to Sumela Monastery (August 2004)Trabzon at evening of an August 2004 day, view from BoztepeWest end of Of town (August 2004)
Sumela Of Rize Çamburnu Uzungöl


Sapkamin Teregi DuzNOT READY YET (Last Update : 12/9/2004)
[ Above Trabzon view from Boztepe and adjacent view photos of Trabzon will be located here which were taken by Erdogan Tan in August 2004 ]

All pictures in these web pages belong to Erdogan Tan (taken by Erdogan Tan via Zenit Camera).
Plase do not use these photos without a permission by Erdogan Tan.
(High Resolution Trabzon Scenery Images will be ready on this web site section.)